Our Products : CIP SYSTEM (Cleaning-In-Place)

ZEUZER INDIA Clean-In-Place System (CIP) is one of the product which is installed in India and abroad countries. The product has its own stand in the processing industry.

The CIP system has the following:

beenhereImproved operational hygiene and cleaning efficiency

beenhereHygienic cleaning which enhances the product quality, recovery and purity

beenhereAutomated system which can reduce the time and manpower for cleaning tasks

beenhereReduces the pollution and production costs through the effective use and reuse of water, also a safer, more consistent method of plant sanitation.

We also design and fabricate custom CIP systems, CIP tanks and CIP units based on the customer unique requirements. Process control can be achieved through existing PLCs, self-supporting control systems or manual operations

Single Circuit CIP System / Double Circuit CIP System- 2 kitchen

Capacity Range : 5000-20000lph (Where we design up to 4 circuits automated cleaning in place system) Applications : Dairy, Food and Juice industry.

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