Our Products : Mixing Unit

Powder Mixer : Zeuzer India Powder Mixer/Venture has an ability to blend the powder quickly, and mixing immediately with the water by giving refine quality of reconstitution milk. The Powder mixer consist of Shear mixing and Self-priming pump and can be used in-line for the continuous batch processing. The handling is portable and ergonomically designed. It can be used for various application gum, sugar, etc.,


beenhereReduces process time.

beenhereConsistent process batches.

beenhereProper mixing without leaving any lumps.

beenhereCleaning in place.

beenhereErgonomic and safe design.

beenhereProper vacuum is created with any powder losses.

beenhereDesigned as per sizes and accommodate in less space.

Capacity : 1000 - 20000lph
Applications : Dairy, Food, Beverage's, Pharmaceutical and Other industry.

Paneer/Cheese VAT : Zeuzer India offers you with multipurpose VAT of various types. The VAT are designed as per the production and parameters which can be defined by the customers or as per the requirements set by us. This equipment can be used in various applications such us Paneer, Cheese, curd, whey, etc. We will provide all the other accessories as per the process line design.

Capacity : 500 - 2000lph
Applications : Dairy industry.

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