Our Products : Special Products

ZEUZER INDIA Special products which are installed in India and abroad countries. The product has its own stand in the processing industry.

Butter Extruder: ZEUZER INDIA proudly present the butter extruder for small scale manufacturing with 50 kgs/hr. feed which is been developed for various thick products applications, such as pastry products like butter, margarine etc. where it is need for conditioning/softening before they are fed into the filling unit. It is a portable unit consist of double helical screws for feeding with a variable feed drive for the product processing. The Butter comes out through a die to form a rectangular or round section extrusion and it has a gear motor which drive the helical screw and a cutter whose action helps to stop the gear drive, to cut into the blocks for packing the table butter up to 500 gms.

Hot water Generation system : Mostly in the processing industries hot water is preferred more over steam, because the temperature can be controlled easily for the desired final product. There are chances of product burning or coagulating during which the protein like substance get overheated, while in this case hot water can be easily used to heat the substance without burning. The parts are assembled with 304 stainless steel and mounted on skid with the steam piping is welded on it with the required flanged components, that will eliminate steam leaks common to threaded steam piping. It is easily available at stock, energy saving, cost savings, can be designed custom as per the space utilization.

Butter Churner : Zeuzer India offers you with another product i.e. butter churner machine, which is made of stainless steel AISI 316L. It’s a barrel in which the milk cream is processed with the churning action to produce quality butter. Our product is made of high strength and durability, also it sustains for longer period. The product is driven either by mechanical or electromechanical drive. We design our product as per availability of cream.
Capacity : 60 kg – 2 ton
Application : Dairy

Silos/Storage Tanks : Zeuzer India also serves dairy Industry with storage tanks/silos for dairy Industry, which can be used for number of purposes. The tanks can be categorized into function area Storage tanks and Process tanks. We provide with various sizes up to 100,000 litres. The tanks are served right from the reception section to raw milk storage till the process milk storage. These tanks will help you to save the product from the losses. Cleaning in place provisions and product level control features are provided within the tank. The tanks can be customized with the usage and requirements like jacketed type or PUF insulation or Thermocol insulation, height, agitators, etc. The tanks are designed in such a way to keep the product quality and temperature under control.
Capacity : 50 – 100,000 litres
Application :Dairy , Food and beverages.

Raw Milk Reception Unit : Zeuzer India raw milk reception unit is designed as per the milk availability at the customer end. The raw milk is received in the dairy either by milk cans or road tanker, where they are weighed at the entrance of the processing facility, before that they test the milk quality and temperature. During unloading the milk passes through an air-eliminator, coarse filter and is metered into a raw milk silo.

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